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Senior Marketing _Events, Expo & Festivals

LocationAbu-Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, Middle East PP Adecco

Job typeSpecialist


CategoryMarketing and Media

Senior Marketing _Events, Expo & Festivals

You shall be responsible to  plan, implement and activate the departmental strategy, marketing plan and online strategy in the promotion Abu Dhabi as a leading Festivals travel destination. 
To ensure you comply the high expected standards and  the set targets are achieved. 
Overall responsibility to develop, secure and maintain client relationships and build the Festivals market of Abu Dhabi and ensure that strategic and economic benefits are maximized.

  • Convert and secure Festivals for Abu Dhabi and to deliver innovative and creative bid proposals across both the Festivals markets.
  • Develop Bid strategies for those Festivals Identified including the development short term quick win strategies as well as longer term global strategies.
  • Lead, Bid and management of Festivals initiatives.
  • Management of Festivals initiatives (including but not limited to Advantage Abu Dhabi) including continual development, refresh and periodic review and results measurement.
  • Management, nurturing, coordination and planning of successful bids and conferences and exhibitions recipients to facilitate their successful delivery.
  • Manage the provision of a high quality experience for all business event visitors and their hosts and also assist with attendance building activities.
  • Working with the Marketing & Communications Department develop and effective, diverse and wide-reaching promotional campaign for the conferences and exhibitions market (including but not limited to EDM/Online/ Association/Exhibition specific media) .
  • Coordinate and attend Trade Shows and Sales Missions as required.
  • Liaise with overseas offices. 

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