UAE’s Ecommerce industry especially in retail sector has seen an upward growth path. This is mainly due to current Covid situation where people are transitioning to online shopping and home delivery service over in-store shopping.

As estimated by Statista, In 2019, retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 3.53 trillion US dollars and e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 6.54 trillion US dollars in 2022.

Dubai Economy sees 83% growth in DED Trader licences issued in first half of 2020. The latest figures also show that in the month of June alone, 577 licences were issued – an increase of 163% compared to June 2019 (219 licences).

The surge in revenue can be due to constant innovation and digital transformation as well as pandemic situation that are leading to increasing popularity in e-commerce segment.

Impact of technology and digital innovation trends in E-Commerce industry

Ecommerce is rapidly evolving and innovating to provide customers with more personalised experiences such as customer experience CX software’s, voice activated shopping, same day delivery, virtual stores, internet of things (loT), augmented reality. Some more attractive innovations in e-commerce industry include:

AI and Smart services. Intelligent, AI-driven technology can help online retailers to enhance customers shopping experience by analysing their past buying habits.

Chatbots are one of the emerging software’s introduced in ecommerce segment that emulates virtual human interactions with an automated customer support robot. Thus saving time and upscaling customer support experiences all day long.

Drone delivery in many countries has attracted many customers and online retailers with its unique technology. Where customers receive their shipments by drones and they can even pay via payment machines attached to drones. This calls for a unique and excited online shopping experience.

We are to believe that between now and 2022, voice shopping will experience exponential growth. Today, digital assistants such as Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have already made a lot of noise in the market. With further advancements in this technology, people will feel more comfortable using them.

UAE government plays an important role in the growth of this industry by adoption to digital transformation to facilitate the online sale of products offered by UAE licensed SME’s and large companies.  Initiatives such as Dubai smart city,  DubaiStore portal, DES offers SMEs a platform to showcase their products and increase their online market share.

Growing demand for E-Commerce professionals

Global revenue from online sales in the second quarter of 2020 skyrocketed 71% year-over-year, according to data from Salesforce’s Shopping Index. The surge in revenue led to an increase in demand for e-commerce professionals to ensure smooth delivery and personalised customer experience.

We have listed the most in-demand Ecommerce talent in demand in 2020 in UAE.

Information Technology

Constant innovation and increased digital transformation in ecommerce segment has led to growing demand for recruitment and staffing of IT professionals and digital talent especially in the below roles.

Data Analytics

  • Systems Administrator

  • Analysis and Reporting

  • Data Engineering

  • Business Intelligence

  • Data Governance

  • Big Data

Product Management

  • Mobile Developer

  • Full Stack Developer

  • Software Engineering: Javascript, Python, Java, Ruby, Linux

  • UX/ UI design

Predictive Modelling

  • Risk Modelling – Basel, CCAR, ICAAP

  • Marketing Analytics

  • Sales Analytics

  • Model development/ validation/ monitoring/ governance


  • Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Virtual Reality (VR)

  • Machine Learning and AI

  • Cybersecurity

  • Solutions Architect

  • RPA

  • 3D Printing skills

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With surge in demand for online shopping, we have seen huge developments in the logistics industry adapting to a new delivery economy. Surge in demand for below workforce was recently observed in the past 3 months and will continue to grow in the coming months.

  1. Deliveryman – light vehicle and heavy vehicle, certified drivers
  2. Pickers
  3. Warehouse
  4. Operations
  5. Salesman
  6. Online merchandisers
  7. Audit

Digital Marketing

Current shifts in the ecommerce landscape and consumer shopping patterns has led to increase in demand for digital talent to hance brand awareness, gain website traffic, online advertisements etc.

The key marketing professions in demand include:

  1. SEM / SEO Specialist
  2. Traffic Manager
  3. Content Editor
  4. Community Manager
  5. Digital Account Manager
  6. Digital Marketing Manager

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