As a temporary employee, you will either be working directly with the company or will be linked with a staffing agency in your region. This means you will be showcasing your skills to two employment providers.

Impressing the company line manager will land you to a permanent position in that company. In the case of staffing agency, as a temp employee and valuable resource your skills will be referred to their clients seeking similar talent.

Whether you love temp roles or you prefer to settle over a permanent position with your current company, in both cases, it is very important to showcase your best skills and capabilities to your employer. Sounds simple but putting it into practise needs real time self-training.

Here are some tips to support you during your employment journey.

Showcase your abilities and prove that you are a perfect fit into the company culture

Your experience and skills has landed you a job or a temp role. Now its time to match your expertise to the company’s vision and build a rapport with the current team. You are more likely to be absorbed permanently will be—if you show you’re a cultural fit.

Always report on time

Being consistent in arriving to work on time demonstrates your commitment for the people you work with, and the company that employs you. This practise should be followed even when you move to higher executive level.

Don’t say NO to new opportunities

We do not want to be known as a person who always declines. Certain situation will demand extra commitments and time from you. So instead of saying no, aim to be known for the considerate way in which you express yourself even in tough situations. This will deliver a positive and transparent image of you and build a trust among your colleagues.

Remember to be Be agile and flexible with work responsibilities

Work smart and be productive

We often tend to work hard instead of working in a productive way. In your first week you cannot do dozens of things at once, instead start prioritizing your tasks and learn tricks on how to effectively complete your project or assigned work. This could be done in many ways such as time management, using technology and tools, keeping a check-list of daily tasks and learning as much as you can.

Showcase your value proposition

During your temporary tenure, it is very important That you add value to your business. Simply meeting expectations is not enough if you want to get ahead.

There are many ways in which you could showcase your value such as finding ways to improve yourself and your processes, add your new skills to the tasks assigned, be innovative and futuristic and most of all re-skill and up-skill your knowledge on timely basis.

Also it is important to make sure that managers understand the effort you put into your job and the results you produce, as not always your work would be recognized it is hence important to keep talking about accomplishments as well as your future vision for the company or your department.

Remember not to show that you are pestering for perm position.

Always ask for feedback

Regularly ask for feedbacks, not just during review time. You need to actively ask opinion by your manager and keep improvising your performance. Constant feedback and information will guide you and help you set better goals. Questions such as ‘How can I improvise my current task’? Is this something we could do? What can I do to help you achieve those goals that we set together? Do I need to improvise my current approach and how can I be better? If you effectively solicit feedback from management, and implement that criticism wisely, inevitably end up becoming the top performers in your field.

We wish you all the best!

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