Yes, your new job is the main course. But it comes with a side of benefits. Oh, and you get it all for free. Enjoy!

Wait. The temp jobs come with benefits?

That’s what we said. Look, here’s how it works: you get a temp assignment with us and—boom!—you have access to a nice, affordable group preventative medical coverage plan. Just like that. Not to mention the skills training and the…well, just feast your eyes on the full list below:

  • Dedicated Associate Care for support and grievances
  • Dedicated Associate handbook for all information related to your assignment and benefits
  • Compliance & Benefits: Adecco ensures the legal compliance and statutory rights of each employee
    during their assignment with us.
  • Pension & Gratuity: UAE/GCC Nationals employed in Adecco are eligible for retirement pensions after fulfilling the eligibility conditions set by UAE Retirement Pensions and Benefits Fund or General Pension and Social Security Authority(GCC).
  • Airfare (As per associate contract)
  • Free career counseling services
  • Best Medical Insurance Plan with 24/7 insurance support
  • Skills training and access to Adecco training materials
  • Wage Protection System: Adecco Middle East employees are credited salary through the Ministry of Labour Wage Protection System
  • Exceptional Code of Conduct: Integrity and Compliance are core principles of Adecco. Our actions and policy legally compliant with highest level of business ethics and personal integrity.