HR Study 20.21

Study HR 20.21 aims to identify challenges and trends in the HR activity of The Adecco Group member countries in the regions of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates). The study surveyed more than 400 human resources professionals from all economic sectors covering multiple roles in HR departments.

The main conclusions of the report include:

  • HR specialists are first interested in the attitude and values displayed by the candidates. Particular attention is paid to how candidates display values during interviews and how they are compatible with company values.
  • A recruiter must interview an average of 5 candidates to fill an open post. This number varies significantly depending on the economic sector, number and level of experience of candidates.
  • The average time to close an open position is 1 month. The period assigned to the recruitment process may vary depending on the company’s procedures, the complexity of open positions and the compensation and benefit package.
  • The main reason an employee changes jobs is a lack of career visibility and the possibility of promotion. This perspective challenges the perception that the main reason employees leave companies is because of poor relationships with managers.
  • The most necessary skills in positions difficult to close are emotional intelligence, complex problem solving, analytical thinking and innovation. The most difficult positions to close for recruiters, where these shortcomings are noted, come from IT, the technical and financial sector.
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