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Operations Manager

LocationDubai, Dubai, Middle East PP Adecco

Job typeManager


CategoryEngineering and Technical

Operations Manager

Monitor all operations and processes.

•             Prepare operating reports and budgets.

•             Maintain a safe work environment and follow all safety regulations.

•             Ensure all compliance needs are met.

•             Manage scheduling for a fully operational team.

•             Oversee daily floor operations.

•             Develop strategies to increase productivity and production.

•             Oversee all shipments, incoming inventory and storage operations.

•             Optimize productive time for employees by eliminating unnecessary process

•             Practice conflict resolution among departments and employees.

•             Report and track expenses to reduce costs.

•             Analyze production metrics and data to determine areas to improve.

•             Co-hire and train new employees.

•             Coordinate maintenance and repairs to ensure a safe working environment.

•             Ensure all legal requirements, company safety procedures, local & state health, safety regulations are met.

•             Develop new vendors for raw materials, equipments, accessories, etc…

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