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Coiled Tubing Operator Assistant

LocationAbu-Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, Middle East Staffing Adecco

Job typeSpecialist


CategoryEngineering and Technical

Coiled Tubing Operator Assistant

  • Organizing the equipment, making sure the equipment is ready to operate and carrying out pre-trip checks.
  • Ensuring the movement from location to location in convoy after signing the movement log sheet.
  • Ensuring availability and validity of the running logs, the fire extinguishers and the firs aid box in the unit and in the pick-up.
  • Attending the pre-job meeting held by the field supervisor on location.
  • Checking equipment as per the pre-job checklist and filing in relevant part of equipment status sheet, rigging up all equipment, effective isolation of high pressure and hazardous areas, pressure testing and starting the job as per the job program.
  • Check all the equipment and pipe line are connected correctly, fixed reliability and safety.
  • Responsible for operating equipment and noting all necessary information on relevant logs and the running sheets during operation.
  • Operating the data acquisition on the unit after training.
  • Checking earthing of the equipment.
  • Preparing all the post job checks as per the post job check list.
  • Noting the damaged equipment and need for maintenance on the stem report/equipment’s status sheet and closed out by maintenance report.
  • Responsible for the daily maintenance and simple maintenance of the equipment, if the problem cannot be solved , assist the repairman to repair and maintain the equipment.
  • Applying maintenance for the treating iron and checking the SUP# fixed on it, if not checked by the field supervisor along the HSEQ Dept.
  • Closing the equipment status sheet and signing by the field supervisor or by the operation manager on completion of the maintenance.
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