In today’s competitive job market, organizations often face challenges in filling long-standing positions with the right candidates. The process of sourcing, screening, and selecting suitable talent can be time-consuming and resource intensive.

At Adecco, we understand the complexities of the ever-evolving job market. Our expert consultants meticulously map out high-potential talent and provide critical market insights to optimize your recruitment strategies. Our expert consultants take the time to map out high -potential talent skills and provide market insight regarding the talent pool in market across the existing industry or competitor to save our client’s time and money. And since every candidate we target matches the profile, the chances of making a good hire improves substantially.

Key highlights of Adecco’s Talent Mapping services:

Mapping Candidate Profile

We delve into the hiring challenges that companies encounter, such as long-standing unfilled positions, difficulties in candidate sourcing, and finding the perfect fit for the role. We support in mapping and analyzing candidates working in a particular industry, candidate motivations, expectations and decision-making variables.

Access to top talent in the region 

With an exclusive global and local talent pool, our clients gain advantage of securing highly qualified individuals in the region. We support clients top map talent ahead of time and provide an opportunity to meet and start a conversation with all the right people being proactive in hiring and decision making.

Salary Benchmarking

Benchmarking can help organizations stay within their budgets while attracting and retaining talented individuals. We support on compensation insights for a particular role/ function/ industry along with market mapping and insights.

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Adecco Advantage

  • Candidate Insights: We demonstrate how candidate insights help tailor recruitment strategies to align with candidates’ needs, increasing the chances of attracting the right talent. Know the candidate’s expectations, motivation, and decision-making variables
  • Tailored Recruitment Strategies: We offer customized recruitment strategies based on the data and insights gathered from talent mapping. Addressing specific challenges faced by the organization, leading to more effective and efficient hiring processes.
  • Industry Know-How: Adding to over 50 years of industry expertise worldwide, our specialized consultants have entire industry know-how regarding recruitment, candidate talent pool, expertise. Offering competitor analysis, how many candidates active in a particular function/ job profile, number of years of experience and more.
  • Specialized Advisory and Support: Gain advantage of dedicated and specialized recruiters for high-priority sectors or qualification.
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