It can take time to find your feet as a ‘newbie’ in the workplace.
Experience Work Day is a global initiative giving young people exposure to the world of work!”

About the program

Hands-on work experience is vital in today’s labour market, and young people are often excluded. The Experience Work Day is a global initiative giving young people exposure to the world of work!

On this day, offices across the Adecco Group open doors to thousands of young people, inviting them to work alongside our employees, participate in workshops and learn from our experts. Due to the special circumstances created by Covid-19 and the need to keep social distance, the Experience Work Day took the shape of a 24 hour digital event. Our specialized consultants became youngsters mentors facilitating different webinars and giving young people the tips and insights they need to enter the world of work better prepared.

Experience Work Day 2022 Registrations Now Open!

Sign up today to be a part of over 50 webinars, across 25 countries, covering topics on how to succeed in your new job. With workshops and career talks in 15 different languages, there is something for everyone.


Did you miss attending Experience Work Day held at Adecco UAE?

Here’s a snapshot of the event held globally where Adecco leaders become mentors for the entire day and conducted workshops and inspirational sessions to provide real world experience and ignite young people’s careers as they transition from education into the world of work. In the UAE, we conducted 4 virtual workshops lead by Adecco leaders. Watch the entire workshop 👇