It can take time to find your feet as a ‘newbie’ in the workplace.
Experience Work Day is a global initiative giving young people exposure to the world of work!”

With the Experience Work Day we give young people the future they deserve

Ensuring training and development for the new generations is what allows talents to find their own way, and companies and economies to grow: we believe that this is an integral part of our mission within the world of work.

With this in mind, starting in 2017, The Adecco Group’s offices around the world are simultaneously opening their doors to young students with the aim of inspiring and orienting them, preparing them for their entry into the world of work and helping them imagine their professional future. This is the Experience Work Day: the global orientation initiative that we conduct in a single day to offer, to about 9,000 young people in the world, a useful compass to guide them in their professional choices, through the direct involvement of over 4,000 HR experts.


Adecco colleagues


young people from all over the world


Countries participating in the Experience Work Day

Also in 2022, on the occasion of the sixth edition of the initiative, The Adecco Group has decided to organize a 24-hour non-stop global event, during which each of the 46 countries involved will organize webinars, workshops, masterclasses with managers and entrepreneurs and CV check activities, to allow young students to deepen the issues and mechanisms of the labor market, From digital reputation to the professions of the future, from employability to life-long learning.

In the UAE, Experience Work Day 2022 was a complete virtual event on 19th October 2022. Our leaders from across the UAE participated at the event. We had interesting topics such as Future Work Ready by Mayank Patel, VP Sales EEMENA & Country Head, Middle East; Creating an impactful resume by Vineet Mehra, Head of Sales; Digital Transformation by Mohamed Bahaa, Head of Outsourcing & Saudi; IT Job Market Overview by Rohit Kanwar, IT Practise Head; LinkedIn Personal Branding – Maliza Crasto, Cluster CX Manager UAE & Turkey; Temporary Staffing Job Market Overview – Kevin Dunne, Permanent Placement Manager General Staffing.

Here is a glimpse of a virtual Experience Work Day at Adecco UAE

 Adecco UAE leaders become mentors for the entire day and conducted workshops and inspirational sessions to provide real world experience and ignite young people’s careers as they transition from education into the world of work. In the UAE, we conducted 4 virtual workshops lead by Adecco leaders. Watch the entire workshop below.