About Us

Right, where should we start?

Adecco has been rapidly growing in the Middle East since 2008, developing a substantial footprint throughout the region. We work across 250 different clients, Adecco has more than 62 full time employees, working in 4 offices, servicing 12 countries across the region. Our business has a positive impact on millions of people every day. We inspire individuals and organizations to work more effectively and efficiently, and create greater choice in the domain of work, for the benefit of all concerned. Our business has a positive impact on millions of people every day. We provide recruitment and career services across the employment lifecycle.

Adecco Middle East head office is based in Dubai with a branch at Abu Dhabi.
Key facts and Figures:
+50 years of international expertise
+100,000 Candidates in database
+2000 People activated annually
250 Clients across UAE
+30 sourced countries International Mobility / Global Transition

Our services include:


Adecco Middle East has been instrumental in staffing and recruitment of candidates across varied industries thus understanding the wealth of knowledge, expertise and talent our team can bring to the fast expanding Middle East economic landscape.

Our key business lines include :

  • Human Resource and Business Support
  • Information Technology  recruitment
  • Banking and Finance recruitment
  • Sales and Marketing recruitment
  • Construction and Real Estate recruitment
  • Healthcare and Medical staff recruitment
  • E-Commerce recruitment
  • Engineering recruitment
  • Hospitality Staff recruitment
  • Event Management
  • Oil and Gas recruitment
  • Energy recruitment
  • Legal recruitment
  • Aviation recruitment
  • Logistics and Supply Chain recruitment
  • Tourism, Fashion and more
Our services

Why choose Adecco is your Recruitment Partner?

HR Leadership: Adecco is a listed Multinational Recruitment agency in Middle East with credibility among major banks and organisations

Subject matter experts: We know- the know-how to run Short Term and Long Term projects for all positions.

Market Knowledge : The quality services we offer reflect our accurate awareness of the market and our in-depth understanding of the client’s needs, following 50 years of accumulated experience and knowledge, during which we have implemented modern techniques and methods of work.

Global Presence: With our breadth and depth of expertise gained on the global stage, we’re able to deliver the fully integrated HR solutions that will support your organisation’s development and growth strategy.

Compliance : The Adecco Group strictly follows Compliance & Ethical practises across the entire employee lifecycle in alignment with UAE Labour Law.

Global Mobility: Through our worldwide network of +5100 branches across 60 countries, we aim to mobilize workforce from different industrial verticals based on project assignment.