With our payroll outsourcing solutions, you can concentrate on recruitment, while our specialists take care of the rest. We can take care of appointments, administration and the payment of wages to your staff so that you can focus fully on your core business.

Adecco pays tens of thousands of people every year. This has given us deep expertise and knowledge across a range of sectors and industries. In addition, our infrastructure and scale mean we can easily meet increases in your demand – even if you employ 10,000 extra staff during your seasonal peak like one of our clients. As well as dealing with heightened demand, we can mobilise quickly to accommodate contingencies and emergency payments.

What does payrolling mean?

“Payroll” can mean several things: It refers to both the listing of the salaries of all employees and wage and salary accounting. Payrolling involves outsourcing the entire process of payroll accounting to a service provider. Our payrolling solution lets you benefit in several ways:

It relieves the administrative burden

In addition to managing all routine administrative work, we also take responsibility for implementing the workWe follow statutory changes and put these into practice immediately. We can take care of work permits and handle official registration, accident insurance and payroll accounting for your employees.

Cost savings

You save costs for the administrative expenses associated with the use of additional staff. We can ensure stable HR structures even when the number of employees fluctuates. Depending on your preference, we can provide a transparent monthly or quarterly report containing all relevant accounting data.


We can establish a flexible workforce for you to help deal with any seasonal peaks. Because a framework agreement is in place, we can add new employees to payrolling without any additional expense.

Simpler communications

Instead of having several interfaces, you will have a single contact person to answer all your questions. Take advantage of our know-how and let our experienced experts advise you on process optimisation issues.


Standard employment conditions apply to all payrollees. You have web-based access to your employees’ payroll accounting details around the clock.

Benefits you gain at a glance:

  • Complete takeover of all aspects of payroll accounting
  • Relieves some of the administrative burden on your HR team
  • Compliance, security, and robust processes through our entire approach
  • We take on the employer’s risks
  • Coherence between time data entry and invoicing
  • Cost transparency
  • Standardised processes, reports and employee evaluations

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Digital Timesheet Management

We offer complete digital HR and attendance management software and a mobile app to our associates and clients. This system is easy to use and navigate for timesheet submission, leave approvals, expense approvals, attendance management and more

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Outsourcing Payroll in the UAE is the right choice if:


  • You are a newly start-up business or a foreign company can outsource their staff on Adecco’s visa and payroll without going through the additional cost of setting up a separate legal identity or branch office.
  • You want to outsource salary payments to external agency
  • You have found your new employee but don’t have the resources or time for administrative tasks such as salary and labor management process
  • You wish to have hassle free payroll of project staff
  • You are a companies seeking to hire expats for short-term or contractual projects
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