Adecco Onsite is a solution dedicated mainly for large clients – whose business activity is characterized by big numbers of candidates recruited, high variability and seasonality, as well as dynamics of employment. It is a perfect solution for companies searching for flexibility, accompanied by high productivity and effectiveness.

How does it work? Adecco provides you with a Human Resources consultant, who will undergo his activity in your company, being partially or fully responsible for the coordination and management of the temporary staff. Clients receive a dedicated onsite team with a strong consulting approach. Our teams are trained to implement the best processes and are backed by country and global experts in our powerful delivery model.

Key assets of the Adecco Onsite solution

Based on more than 60 years of experience and cultivating leading standards, our onsite solution has become a model of best practices. We offer tailored solutions, adapted to the specific nature of business, designed to meet the expectations of our business partners thanks to our unique knowledge. That’s why this end-to-end workforce management solution is the solution that large companies love to use.

We also offer the flexibility to large scale events, exhibitions, pavilion staffing, conferences, kiosks and more.

Working with us!


Rich experience, modern tools and international structure


Recruitment methods that warrant reaching a wide group of candidates


Committed professionals, warranting the highest quality of services


Advanced reports, which provide our clients with full operational knowledge, allowing them to monitor their business environment

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