Permanent Recruitment

We cover the entire recruitment process from talent acquisition to advising organizations on how to secure the very best permanently hired talent. From standard permanent recruitment models all the way to mass recruitment, Adecco is the trusted recruitment agency for thousands of businesses every single day.

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Find the perfect perm fit

We help you directly hire new talent at any scale of business or recruitment volume

Manage talent and skill scarcity across your business

Using our extensive talent acquisition resources, we help you hire the best, across any skillset, regardless of scarcity.

Tailored recruitment advisory

We advise you across a range of topics from employer branding and organizational changes, to ESG with the goal to attract and retain top talent

Hire quickly and flexibly whenever you need to

We manage your hiring needs efficiently, on budget, and on time, no matter the vacancy, no matter when you need support.

When to choose our permanent recruitment solution

Hiring permanently is a great way to grow your business. We act as an extension to your company and handle everything from talent acquisition to salary negotiations.

  • When you have a tight deadline to hire, and are struggling to find the right talent
  • When you need help finding and attracting hard-to-source candidates
  • When you want a personal consultant with industry experience and a wide network
  • When you need continual expert support at small or large scales
  • When you do not have specific expertise in a given field
  • When you don’t have your own in-house dedicated recruiters

Get a custom recruitment process based on your needs

From a single hire to mass recruitment, we can handle all your needs at any scale, utilizing our customized Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) models.

Adecco Dedicated Consultant Recruiting

  • A specialized dedicated recruiter who will work to fill your roles
  • Local and global support based on your needs
  • Delivered via one of our branches or one of our Adecco Career Centres
  • Providing both one-off and continuous recruitment support

Adecco Mass Recruitment

  • RPO business models
  • The most efficient and on-budget way to recruit your permanent roles at scale
  • Dedicated on-site recruiter, as an extension of your business
  • You decide how much or how little of your recruitment process you’d like us to take care of

Ready to start hiring?

Our team is ready to answer all of your questions about our permanent placement programs – contact us now to get started.

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Your advantages with Adecco

62 countries

3,800 locations

1,000’s of clients

660,000 people on assignment

Powered by technology

We responsibly use technology to attract, engage, train, and retain top talent for your business.


Using our extensive proprietary data, we nurture existing talent, ensuring you have a pool of great candidates ready when you need them.


We use the most in-demand job boards and social media channels use programmatic advertising to source the best candidates.


We use a number of digital channels to engage talent for your business, from email to our branded candidate apps and chatbots


To make sure we only deliver the best candidates, our digital tools include a large array of tests and assessments, customized based on your needs.

Hire & Onboard

We enable a completely digital onboarding path for candidates so they can sign, upload, and be verified in just a few clicks.


We provide you with direct labor market intelligence and can advise you on the next best action for your business.

Recruiting for permanent placements that last

We help you recruit top talent for all your permanent direct-hire roles, securing the skills needed for your organization’s ongoing success. We utilize our recruiting experts and have direct access to a wide range of talent, including hard-to-reach professionals who are not actively looking for a new job.

Talent acquisition at scale

We run dedicated and targeted candidate attraction campaigns across digital, leveraging our own media and paid sources.

Assessing the right fit

We customize the assessment process based on your unique organizational needs, safeguarding your decision to hire.

Finding the best match

We deliver a list of top candidates to choose from and work to secure a mutually beneficial salary

Delivering to your needs

We take care of the entire permanent recruitment process or even just single parts of it; from initial sessions and candidate/client meetings, to actual placement, training & post-placement care.


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Experience the Adecco Difference

Quality connections, quality results.

Understanding and expertise at the core

We work directly with you to truly understand your needs before we start any search. We design a custom omni-channel approach based on your goals.

We handle the hardest searches

Even in a talent-scarce market, we are able to attract the best possible candidates for your permanent roles. We utilize our global footprint and robust branch network to ensure success.

Specialized recruitment agency

You will always have dedicated recruiters who specialize in your industry and nothing more. They’ll open more doors and reach the hardest-to-source candidates.

Advanced talent acquisition technology

We use the latest technology and techniques to attract the very best candidates for your roles. Our history and reach means we have a deep pool of talent ready to work when you need them.

We do the heavy lifting and don’t stop until it’s over

With our 360 degree advisory, we can handle as much or as little as you like from sourcing and shortlisting all the way through to salary negotiation and paperwork. We do the heavy lifting whether it’s 1 hire or 5,000.

We recruit differently. We think differently

Our vision is to make the future work for everyone, and we strongly believe in leaving no one behind. We work to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion in all our processes and work with local and global organizations to increase awareness and adoption

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Get the right people for your jobs

We’re ready to help you find the best people for your business, permanently.