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Adecco is a global recruitment agency specializing in tailored mass recruitment solutions. We are experts in handling large-scale recruitment projects, particularly in the area of Mass/Volume recruitment. With our proven track record and extensive international presence, we excel in efficiently managing high-volume hiring processes for organizations across various industries.

Our extensive database of qualified candidates, streamlined processes, and advanced technologies cater to industries such as Hospitality, Retail, Construction, Healthcare, Logistics, and more.

Whether you are looking to hire hundreds of new people to ramp up your business. Or a large force of temporary staff to meet the peak season. We are here to support all your business requirements.

Industries we support


Hire volume candidates with industry knowledge, customer service skills, and adaptability for front-of-house to executive-level roles.

Retail & e-Commerce

Meet peak demands with seasonal staff, customer service representatives, cashier, merchandisers, promoters, sales or e-commerce talent.

Construction & Infrastructure 

Hire volume staff into Development, Commercial & Finance, Procurement & Contracts, Asset Management, Sales & Marketing, CRM and Real Estate. 

Healthcare & Pharma

Expand into new geographies by hiring the best doctors, nurses, medical technicians, pharma and administrative staff.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Achieve faster delivery with top talent into supply chain management, warehouse operations, transportation, and distribution such as bike riders.

The workforce behind your staffing needs.

Working with Adecco has its own perks!

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  • Global Presence with Local expertise: With a presence in +60 countries and a global talent mobilization hub, we support in bridging the skills gap with high quality talent.
  • Market Knowledge & Expertise: With + 50 years global experience, we understand regional employment trends, cultural nuances, labor laws, and compliance requirements.
  • Associate Care & Engagement: Our dedicated customer care team aim at regular service quality review, associate assistance and care that ensures smooth on-boarding, high productivity and happy employees.
  • Specialized Expertise: Our expert team of mass recruitment hail from industry rich knowledge and experience to support volume hiring and skill assessment with 100% compliance and global standards.
  • Extensive Database of Qualified Candidates: Our database ensures rich talent pool of pre-screened, qualified candidates, ready to fill high-volume requirements.
  • Streamlined Processes: We expedite the hiring cycle with 100% compliant HR processes without compromising quality.

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