Need to hire hundreds of new people to ramp up your business?

Need a large force of temporary staff to meet the peak season?

Short-staffed? Or need to hire fresh grads quickly?

No matter what situation you’re in, our Mass Recruitment Service is here to save your day!

With our team of qualified recruiters combined with a diverse pool of candidates from many fields and levels, we’re always ready to take on the burdens of the rush for talents.  Our capacity to reach and proceed with countless profiles ensures that we can fill your vacancies in the fastest time with the best fits.  Enjoy the peace of mind and let us take all the hard work away!

What we offer

Volume recruitment : With our nationwide network of talents, we can work out a staffing plan and bring on board the people that work best for your needs and your budget.

Temporary staffing : Cover everything from short-term leaves to long-term projects. A solution that can add flexibility, close the skill gaps, and increases productivity within your workforce.

Junior Permanent Recruitment : 15,000+ qualified young professionals from well-known universities and youth organizations are ready to join your workforce.

Industries we support

Information Technology


Transportation and Delivery

Customer Service


Oil and Gas

Exhibitions, Mall Activation and Events


Banking and Financial Services


What you’ll get

  • Lower recruitment costs;
  • Faster recruitment, the better quality of personnel;
  • Access a wide and diverse talent pool, recruitment best practices, and related resources;
  • The latest insights on the labor market, hiring needs, essential skills, and more from our experts in the HR field;
  • The assurance that all processes comply with the local law;
  • A uniform recruitment process at all local, regional, and global levels.
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