Temporary Staffing

Adecco is an excellent enterprise for short term contract staffing and flexible hiring solutions. Our on-demand contract staffing service gives you more flexibility in recruitment, saves time in administration and helps you focus on your core business. It ensures you get the right people, in the right positions, right away. And it’s the most efficient way to enhance your workforce and close skills gaps.

Adecco Benefits

With our extensive local and international candidate pool across 60+ countries and fully digitized sourcing approach, we’re confident that we can find the best candidate for any role. We are a trusted advisory to our clients with 100% compliant business practice within the legal framework of the Ministry of Employment and Labor. Adecco UAE is a licensed and listed company in GCC that follows international standards of Worker Welfare Policy and is compliant with Wage Protection System (WPS) as per MOHRE.

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Our Staffing Solutions

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From short term staffing to volume hiring, we offer end-to-end solutions

Visa and Payroll

PRO Service


Volume Hiring

Onsite Support


Visa and Payroll Solutions

You know great candidates, but you don’t have time to manage them. Let us do the work! Payrolling means more than just paying employees.

How does payroll work? If you find a great candidate but are unable to hire him or her directly let your Adecco representative know. We will be your extended arm for entire associate management right from on-boarding to redeployment. We follow SLA based on-boarding compliant with UAE Labor law from document collection, MOHRE approvals, E-Visa, Status Change, Emirates ID, Medical Report and Resident Visa.

We take the entire responsibility of a legal employer by:

  • People Management: Inclusive and diversified recruitment and on-boarding
  • Issuance of offer Letter
  • Labor Contract
  • Ensure employee contracts and benefits comply with strict labour laws
  • Visa
  • Timesheet review and payment of salaries
  • Redeployment of candidates
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Outsourcing Solutions

Let us take care of things!

 Through outsourcing, the aim is to achieve savings in capital, sharing of risks and the ability to act faster than the competitors. With an outsourcing contract, a client company gives a part of its internal functions or the entire personnel solutions of the unit over to Adecco to handle.

In return, you can expect best-in-class delivery with continuous optimization and solutions that work whether you employ 2 or 2,000 people with 100% compliance & international workforce standards.

When outsourcing, we take responsibility for the operation of the outsourced part and assume responsibility for quality and work management. In this way, the company can concentrate on its own core business.

With well-planned outsourcing, the benefits that can be achieved include predicting expenses, management of personnel, levelling out seasonal variations, cost-effectiveness and the more efficient use of the time of the company’s own personnel. The company can outsource, for example, IT Staff, Customer Service, Delivery Drivers, Merchandisers,  Promoters, Hospitality Staff, Retail Staff or a part of any function or vertical to Adecco.

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Onsite Management

Adecco supports key clients in Middle East region with on-site support team and a strong consulting approach. Our teams are trained to implement the best processes and are backed by country and global experts in our powerful delivery model. Whether you are looking to hire short term contract employees or permanent hires.

We have the best best onsite and near-site management team in the industry. Our onsite program is an extension of your team. You can choose to set it up, it can be completely customized to help you get our candidates to be as productive as possible — as quickly as possible. And your dedicated team has complete access to one of the world’s best database of qualified candidates

Key features of our onsite management solution

  • Full-time onsite program support, if needed
  • Near-site support (operated from an Adecco branch)
  • Seasonal & contract onsite support
  • Program office
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PRO Service

Our expert team saves your time and money through efficient and reliable PRO Services. Our staff takes end to end responsibility of all tasks, starting from issuing new visa, off-boarding, exiting transactions and more.

We provide you with all the receipts and letters issued from Government Departments and ensure full transparency with a strong stand behind our commitment of timely service and professionalism. A total HR Solution from Visa Outsourcing Services to PEO Services and monthly payroll solutions. Adecco UAE is a a listed and licensed recruitment firm in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Volume Hiring / Mass Recruitment

Volume requirements for international projects are delivered through our dedicated volume campaign team. We have facilitated large scale growth within Middle Eastern business groups by conducting mass recruitment campaigns overseas, without sacrificing the quality of hire.

We are the world’s largest staffing organization with a wealth of experience delivering staff to major events, on-demand projects, short -term staffing and flexible staffing requirements. Our core business is to attract, select, train and onboard permanent, temporary and volunteering staff.

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Before we present our Candidate to you, he will go through a complete set of competence and motivation tests.

Initial verification

Every candidate is checked carefully in terms of experience and history of employment

Checking of skills

If you are searching for specific skills, we will verify these using reliable tools.


We find out more about the Candidates by checking their references and credentials.

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