Adecco Outsourcing is our global solution responsible for delivering Services & Projects based on process management and improvement. With Adecco Outsourcing, clients can derive the full benefits of an end-to-end, highly customized solution: we take care of resources, including workforce and assets if necessary, manage SLA´s & KPI´s, risk of Operations and overall quality.

Companies today are facing challenges on Processes complexity, Efficiency improvement, Talent and skills shortage, Lean partnership and continuous improvement and flexibility.

What if someone could take care of this? Adecco outsourcing helps clients focus on core activities while taking away the hassle of day-to-day operations. Right people, Right resources: we provide both.

Our Business Lines

Logistics outsourcing, Last Mile 

Transportation, Delivery Staff, Warehousing, fulfillment, Manufacturing etc.

Field Sales, Marketing, Merchandising

Sales & Marketing profiles, Field Sales & Marketing manages salesforce, promoters and merchandizers.

HR Services Outsourcing

HR Services delivers consulting, training, and payroll solutions.


Call center, Customer Service Outsourcing, Customer Services Manages B2C client experience and B2B customer service.

How do we do it?

With Adecco Outsourcing Solution, clients can find a partner to outsource their different non-core activities: we have experts in every industry and the expertise to manage high-complexity processes. From defining the project scope and building the schedule to evaluating the results, we have extensive experience successfully navigating all phases. We can support entire components of your business or just parts of your value chain. In return, you can expect best-in-class delivery with continuous optimization and solutions that work whether you employ 2 or 2,000 people.

Customer Advantage 

  • Improved productivity and process optimization
  • Predetermined quality standards
  • Cost optimization and control
  • Flexibility and speed
  • Optimal adaptation to variations in demand with tailor-made processes
  • Quality assurance of outsourced processes
  • Saves time to refocus on more strategic tasks
  • 100% compliance with global standards
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