The professional, finance, and insurance services industry is one of the economy’s most important and influential sectors. We work with some of the region’s well-known banks, fintech companies, investment firms, insurance, brokerage firms, and financial institutions in the GCC region.

Our extensive experience combined with our consultative approach allow us to source, screen, and retain the critical talent to push your business forward. We offer permanent, contract, and senior/executive search through targeted headhunting across senior-level management & C-level talent to CFO, COO, VP’s, and Middle Management positions. We have the largest pool of qualified talent in the industry and, with our decades of experience, we’re ready to support your HR business needs.

Banking, Finance & Investments

The Banking and Financial Services talent environment has intense competition for highly-skilled candidates. From large investment banks and asset managers to insurance companies and boutique hedge funds, our consultants make sure your organization consistently engages and retains top talent.

We support permanent recruitment, outsourcing, temporary staffing, visa & payroll outsourcing, on-site support and more for small, medium and large public and private sectors in the region.

Turn your next hires into significant business assets

We have an extensive database of qualified and experienced Banking and Financial Services professionals. Combined with our consultative approach, we’ve added value to thousands of organizations. Let’s do the same for yours.

Roles we recruit for

Investment Banking

Retail Banking

Private Banking

Asset Management

Central Banking

Corporate Banking

Debt Capital Market


Global Custody

Global Markets


Mergers & Compliance

Portfolio Management

Private Equity

Risk Management

Transaction Banking

Venture Capital

Wealth Management

Find the right talent for your business!

 Is hiring strong employees in banking a struggle for your business today? Here’s how we support you get the right candidate match for your company.

Ensure the best talent

With our extensive knowledge and talent network within local and global market. Our specialized team of search consultants are confident we can create talent value in your organization.


In-Depth screening

Adecco’s in-depth screening progress allows client to get familiar with candidate skills, personalities and goals to ensure they are right fit to your organisations vision.


Smooth Digital Transformation

We have supported financial services companies across GCC to revolutionize their digital operations and mitigate risks

Fintech Recruitment & Staffing

We support leading financial technology (Fintech) sectors to recruit and on-board best-in-class workforce that can cope with the rapid market changes. If you are a company within Fintech sector seeking to hire top talent and are facing recruitment challenges, look no further! Adecco has dedicated recruitment consultants with market expertise to meet staffing needs for all types of business. We support sectors such as:

  • Blockchain & Crypto Currency
  • Fintech
  • Digital Marketing
  • Payments
  • eCommerce
  • Fraud & Risk

Fintech profiles we deliver

  • Data Scientists
  • Cyber Security Specialists
  • Artificial & Machine Learning Developers
  • Blockchain Developers
  • Risk Control Managers
  • Product Managers
  • SAS / SQL Analytics & reporting analyst
  • PostgreSQL Database Admin

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