Discover how to tackle the Great Resignation head-on by recruiting hidden talent of all ages.

What if we told you that there are large, untapped pools of younger and older talent that can help solve your permanent recruitment challenges?

In our Addressing Age paper, we discover that:

• Workers of all ages experience ageism in the workplace.

• Most older workers report limited access to training and development — but are eager to learn new skills.

• Older workers are a large and growing segment of the workforce.

• There are several steps you can take to make your organisation more attractive to older and younger workers alike.

The Great Resignation is making recruitment and retention harder than ever before. Adecco’s research into over 1,300 workers across 10 countries can help you get ahead of the situation and find the strongest talent.

Download Addressing Age, our guide on attracting the strongest permanent staff of all ages.

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