Discover how working parents can help you address your permanent recruitment challenges and beat the Great Resignation

Working parents make up a large part of the global workforce. Yet this demographic remains undervalued, resulting in an increasing number leaving their jobs, reducing hours, or taking a break from work.

In our paper, Family Matters: Helping Working Parents Thrive, we share:

• Why working parents are integral to the workforce.

• Our tips on how to attract this demographic.

• Guidance on retaining working parents long-term.

• How our permanent recruitment experts help harness this talent.

The Great Resignation is making recruitment and retention harder than ever before. Adecco’s research into over 1,300 workers across 10 countries can help you get ahead of the situation and find the strongest talent.

Download Family Matters: Helping Working Parents Thrive, our guide to how working parents can enhance your workforce.

Download the whitepaper here
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