It’s time to think flexible...

Enjoy the same salary and the same benefits as full-time workers with the added benefit of more flexibility

...not just temporary

Try out a job before committing to a permanent position, choose from different industries to work and develop a wide range of skills

Many myths exist

about temporary work,

so let’s disprove them!

#1 Staffing agencies take a cut of your pay

Have you ever been told that temporary work is low-paying because staffing agencies need to make a profit? The good news is that this myth is false: Your paycheck is untouched by staffing service costs. You will always make the rate you agree to with your temporary employer (meanwhile your employer is charged a markup to cover agency fees).

#2 Temp work is only for entry-level jobs

Gone are the days when temp work was restricted to manufacturing and seasonal jobs in retail. With flexible work solutions appealing more and more to both businesses and workers, temporary positions are available across numerous industries with numerous different roles.

One such sector that’s booming in temporary work opportunities is the food services industry. Choose from a range of roles located in hotels, restaurants, cafés, and more, plus enjoy flexible working conditions in one of the most dynamic industries.

#3 You won’t get the same benefits as full-time employees 

These days, employee and healthcare benefits are just as important as salary. Luckily, you won’t miss out on anything being employed in a temporary position. No matter where you work, you’ll still be covered by health insurance, receive a pension, and more.

#4 Temp jobs don’t provide stability

For numerous people, temp jobs provide a foot in the door for future careers. Working with a staffing agency gives an opportunity for many to move to larger cities where jobs abound, and your career can grow. Plus, by working in a major industry like food services, the skills you develop in your temporary position can help in landing a permanent position in a stable sector.

#5 There’s a right age to temp

Because temp positions are so flexible, they really work for everyone. If you’re in your teens, temporary work allows you to develop a wide range of skills that can prepare you for future work. If you’re in your golden years, working with a staffing agency can allow you to find a flexible job that still contributes to your pension. No matter your age, you’ll benefit from a temporary position.

Do you feel relieved?
Start working flexible like many others!


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Waiters, Hostess

Get a chance to work with leading hospitality firms with exclusive perks and job benefits like no other!


Kitchen Manager

  • Manage a diverse team of line cooks and Kitchens Supervisors.
  • Responsible for the end-to-end employee life cycle of team members in their vessel. This includes support of hiring process, development, scheduling, performance management and engagement of our team members.
  • Meet or exceed food and vessel safety, sanitation, quality, delivery and particularly food beverage health code compliance.


Bartenders, Chefs

Get a chance to work with leading hospitality firms with exclusive perks and job benefits like no other!