Are you finding it harder and harder to manage your temporary workforce? Working with an onsite staffing agency might be the next best step for your business. Read on to learn all about this trending recruitment solution and see how integrating a staffing agency within your organization can bring big benefits.

What exactly is an onsite staffing agency?

In essence, it operates just as the name suggests – a team of recruiters operates within your organization’s premises, working closely with your company to scout and secure exceptional talent. This model is particularly advantageous for enterprises requiring a substantial volume of temporary staff. Onsite recruitment, often referred to as onsite management, allows these experts to assist in building a dedicated workforce that collaborates seamlessly with your existing team. This, in turn, empowers you to concentrate on your core operations and daily business demands.

Nevertheless, the role of onsite staffing agencies extends beyond recruitment. They provide comprehensive support throughout the onboarding process and actively manage your contingent labor force. Many established staffing agencies, including Adecco, offer onsite management solutions as part of their service catalog. But what sets this comprehensive approach apart? Here are eight compelling reasons why your organization should consider enlisting the services of Adecco’s onsite recruitment:

  1. Tailored retention and engagement programs:
    Upon initial contact, we embark on a comprehensive discovery process to identify your organization’s distinctive requirements. We then craft a customized program to address these needs effectively. Our array of onsite solutions can be tailored to your specifications, encompassing full-time, multi-shift programs or part-time, seasonal-based initiatives spanning diverse industries.
  2. Streamlined communication:
    Functioning as an extension of your HR department, our onsite management team assumes responsibility for all facets of your contingent labor force. This is particularly valuable for organizations with workforces spanning thousands or distributed across multiple locations. With Adecco, you can engage in discussions concerning your entire workforce with a single, cohesive team.
  3. Cost optimization:
    Collaborating with our onsite staffing agency affords you access to industry experts adept at providing insights into optimal cost-reduction strategies. One of our onsite clients, a prominent New York-based fashion retailer with a $5 billion valuation, witnessed a remarkable 83% reduction in supplier expenditure and a 53% decrease in payroll spending following their engagement with our onsite services.
  4. Accessible and proactive support:
    With our onsite solutions, our industry experts operate on the ground, directly engaging with your workforce. This ensures daily support and prompt responses to your queries, allowing you to concentrate on your core business demands while we manage your labor requirements.
  5. Enhanced recruitment control and visibility:
    Your HR team is already occupied with managing your permanent employees. By partnering with Adecco’s onsite staffing agency, you entrust us with the management of your contingent workforce. Our team’s unwavering focus on the talent we recruit equips our managers with enhanced visibility into daily business operations and skills gaps. This facilitates informed decisions about scaling operations to align with your business objectives.
  6. Compliance assurance:
    Our experts possess a profound understanding not only of cost-saving strategies but also of the latest legislative developments affecting your industry. Our PERFORM+ methodology places a premium on governance and operational excellence within your workforce program, ensuring an unwavering focus on operational health and safety.
  7. Financial Analysis and Reporting:
    We consistently invest in cutting-edge technology to support our operations. This translates into access to comprehensive analyses encompassing labor costs, operational expenses, and more. Armed with this data, we provide evidence-based solutions that deliver tangible impact.
  8. Tailored Safety Programs:
    At Adecco, we firmly believe that health, safety, and risk compliance form the bedrock of enduring relationships between businesses and job candidates. Our award-winning risk management team can offer invaluable guidance on enhancing workplace safety.

Become our partner:

Adecco’s onsite management program presents one of the most invaluable and effective tools within our extensive suite of staffing solutions. Tailored to meet the needs of businesses seeking a substantial number of skilled workers, our program eases the burden of recruitment, onboarding, and related tasks, allowing your team to concentrate on your core business operations.

Want to explore more about our onsite program? Read a full overview of our services, or you can contact us directly to discover how we can offer you optimal support.

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