Following the conclusion of the 3rd meeting of the ILO Global Commission on the Future of Work, the Adecco Group CEO Alain Dehaze said:

“As an active member of the ILO Global Commission on the Future of Work, it is encouraging to see so much common ground and purpose between the different voices and interests in the world of work. Our shared goal is a future that works for everyone – a future that secures fairness, stability and progress for people in all types of work, and for businesses across all industries around the world. A changing world of work means more people and companies are embracing diverse forms of work and contracts, partly as a matter of choice and partly because of economic conditions. If we are to shape a future that truly works for everyone, it is vital that policymakers build fit-for-purpose social systems that support and empower all types of work in a fair and equal way. The Adecco Group advocates for national systems that combine security and flexibility to offer individuals and companies the freedom and support they need to adapt and grow as their circumstances change. Only this type of framework will give talent and technology the foundations needed to deliver prosperity for all.”

Alain Dehaze represents the world’s largest HR solutions partner and the wider business community in the Commission’s efforts to offer policy recommendations that will make the future work for everyone.

For more details on this week’s ILO Global Commission on the Future of Work meeting, please click on this link to the ILO media release.


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