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Geneva, Switzerland, Jan 22, 2019

The Adecco Group supports the ILO Global Commission on the Future of Work final report’s calls for a “human-centred” approach to the future of work, with enhanced investment in people’s capabilities, the institutions of work, and decent and sustainable work. In particular, we believe that the focus on lifelong learning and up/reskilling, work transitions, and adequate social protection is vital to help businesses, workers and government navigate a rapidly-changing world.

We must now take urgent action at policy, industry and individual level to ensure our workforce always has the right skills and the ability to adapt in real time, as outlined in the Final Report and the Adecco Group’s latest white paper “Rethinking workforce investments”.  We also urgently need to reinvigorate the current social contract to offer adequate and fair security, flexibility and protection for all kinds of work, as supported by our own  #Timetoact campaign.

It is, indeed, time to act on these recommendations. The Commissioners will play their role in disseminating the Report, but it is the shared responsibility of governments, worker representatives, the private sector community and civil society to pick up, follow and assess the adoption and implementation of the Final Report’s findings at global, national and local level.

Alain Dehaze represented the world’s leading HR solutions partner in the Global Commission, also bringing the perspective of the wider business community to the Commission’s efforts to offer policy recommendations that will make the future work for everyone.

Commenting on the report, Alain said: “It was a personal and professional honour to participate in the ILO Global Commission on the Future of Work and its 18 month examination of how to respond to the opportunities and challenges we face in the world of work. The Commission is a shining example of the kind of collective action we need if we are to make the future work for everyone.”

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