Once in a lifetime opportunity for the leaders of tomorrow: registration for the adecco group ‘CEO FOR ONE MONTH 2019 is now open in 47 countries

  • Unique opportunity for candidates to step into the shoes of business leaders in 47 countries across the Adecco Group’s global network
  • Real-world experience to ignite young people’saspirations and careers
  • One candidate will be chosen as the ‘Global CEO for One Month’, working alongside, the Adecco Group CEO, Alain Dehaze
  • Now in its sixth year as a global programme, the registration for 2019 is open.

Now in its sixth year as a global programme the registration for the ‘CEO for One Month’ 2019 programme is open for young people all over the world.

The CEO for One Month programme is designed to give young people the hands-on work experience they need to build their careers – offering ‘real-world’ training that cannot be gained in school or university.

Successful applicants will complete a national ‘CEO for One Month’ assignment, shadowing the Adecco Group CEO of their own country.  Then ten of these talented candidates will be selected to attend a rigorous boot camp to test their collaboration and innovation skills, learning about themselves and the world of work.  Only one will then be selected to work alongside CEO, Alain Dehaze, for one month. It is the experience of a lifetime and is an ideal launching pad for personal and professional development.

Commenting on the programme, Alain Dehaze, the Adecco Group CEO, said:

“Our ‘CEO for One Month’ programme is a unique opportunity. It helps young people thrive in their careers and increase their confidence and exposure, by giving them highly effective work-based learning inside a Fortune 500 company. It is testament to the strength of the programme that many candidates join us and our customers in permanent roles after it has finished.”

The 2018 Global ‘CEO for One Month’, Lisa Frommhold, added:

“It was an amazing and unique opportunity, giving me an insight into the world of work that would have otherwise been impossible. I gained exposure to an international business and access to a network of incredible people that I am still in contact with to this day. I had meaningful experiences and made enduring relationships and would recommend the programme to any young person looking to develop, both personally and professionally.”

To participate, candidates should apply via the Adecco Group CEO for One Month website. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview and further assessment in Adecco Office in UAE. The position includes a salary intended to support the successful candidate’s education and/or professional development. Selected ‘CEOs for One Month’ will receive ongoing guidance and professional opportunities, becoming part of a global network.

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