With rising initiatives by government, the UAE Healthcare market is witnessing an astonishing growth. This is due to sedentary lifestyle by the population of Emirates and growing medical tourism in the region. Also, the UAE government is extensively expanding and upgrading its healthcare system to develop strong world class healthcare infrastructure. The government is also encouraging private sector participation to upgrade the existing infrastructure and match the quality of services offered in developed countries. Further, the UAE Government is also liberalizing policies to attract foreign investments, in order to improvise the healthcare standard and boost the healthcare industry.

Impact of technology

As with every aspect of our lives today, the healthcare sector is also benefitting from technology. For instance, mHealth technologies leverage smartphones to make a substantial impact in providing care access to various underserved regions of Africa. Several GCC countries already have a digital transformation framework for healthcare, while the UAE and KSA have already an AI strategy in place for healthcare. In contrast to American and European populations, 67 per cent of patients in the GCC prefer AI-enabled healthcare delivery.

Outlook of the healthcare industry

As we head in 2021, there are questions around how the sector will tackle key challenges. Nevertheless, most studies indicate that the sector will continue to grow, anywhere between 5 to 8 per cent this year.  Furthermore, given the GCC has an insurance-driven healthcare model, the incentive to control costs will drive payers to put the onus of managing patients’ health better on providers, as well as by controlling reimbursement.

Given the issue of chronic health conditions of GCC citizens, and an ageing population, which suffers from co-morbidities, the focus will be on two fronts for care delivery – prevention before hospitalisation, and post-acute-care in a step-down manner to ensure monitored recovery in cheaper settings, outside of hospitals.

Demand for healthcare professionals in UAE

The demand for healthcare experts in the UAE is on the rise, as the country steadily promotes itself as a hub for medical tourism in the region. The Covid 19 era has also increased the demand of medical professional’s job in the region. According to Monster.com’s latest employment index the e-demand for jobs in the healthcare industry increased over 76 per cent year to date, while the demand for healthcare professionals in the UAE also exhibited an impressive growth of 66 per cent year to date.

Some of top healthcare roles in demand:

  1. Registered Nurses.
  2. General Practioners – Doctors.
  3. ICU Doctors
  4. Regulatory Affairs Professional.
  5. IT Project Managers.                        

Healthcare recruitment and staffing in UAE

UAE as a market is predominantly operates on contract basis like 3 years, 5 years or an ongoing contract between the employer and the employee. Most of the recruitments within the healthcare sector uses permanent hires, unlike the role of front liners, or support function staff where the client tend to use staffing services more. Doctors and professional technical profiles are always hired on permanent basis contract model.  Most of the cases the employers don’t have approved headcount to add the workforce, managing the administrative part of the huge sales team becomes too difficult, support staff are hired project based.                        


This article is featured by Poonam Karkhanis, Adecco’s Healthcare Practice Head from Permanent Placement.

About Poonam: A Search consultant with more than 13 years of experience in providing recruitment solutions in healthcare industry across geographies and nationalities. She has worked with leading recruitment organizations in India and UAE for headhunting and recruitment of healthcare, pharma and medical device talent with her local and global candidate pool, talent network and references.



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