Imagine working with a recruitment partner that provides you with comprehensive talent insights into the ever-growing candidate landscape in the region?

What is Talent Mapping?

Talent Mapping is a strategic process of identifying and assessing the skills, capabilities, and potential of individuals within a specific industry or organization. It involves creating a visual representation of the potential candidate, their qualifications, experiences, and other relevant information.

It helps organizations to make more informed and objective hiring decisions, leading to better quality hires.

Step-by-step guidelines to leverage talent mapping into a recruitment process

  • Identify the key positions: Determine the key roles or position you need to fill, along with skills required to plan your workforce. These positions may include leadership roles, specialized technical positions, or any other roles that are essential for achieving your organizational goals.
  • Create Talent Profile: Prepare an outline of skills, qualifications, experience, and other relevant attributes required for each key position. This will serve as a benchmark to evaluate which potential candidate best matches your industry.
  • Research and Analysis: A strategic market research with the support of online tools or a trusted recruitment agency, organizations can identify potential candidates that best match or fit the criteria of the outlined talent profile.
  • Identify Skills Gap: Compare the skills and qualifications of potential candidates with the talent profile to identify any gaps. This analysis will help companies determine areas where additional recruitment or training efforts may be required.
  • Investigate Industries Talent Strategies: Research on talent strategies in similar industries gives firms a clear understanding of the talent landscape and potential future hires, organizations gain a competitive edge in the market.
  • Develop a recruitment strategy: Based on the talent mapping findings, develop a recruitment strategy that outlines the sourcing channels, assessment methods, and timelines for attracting and selecting the identified candidates.
  • Collaborate with a trusted Recruitment Agency: Determine if you need to actively recruit or if you can collaborate with a recruitment partner for a hassle free recruitment. Working with a trusted and compliant recruitment agency helps you save time and resources to focus on your core business.
  • Execute the recruitment plan: Implement your recruitment strategy with the recruitment agency for attracting, screening and assessing the talent suitability for the identified positions. Use the talent mapping database or visual representation as a reference during the selection process.

What role does talent mapping play in the development and maintenance of a company’s culture?

Talent Mapping when done correctly, helps organisations to foster growth and productivity. Employers can take advantage of talent insights to nurture their existing workforce and train them to be future- ready. This leads to employee retention and loyalty. Employees feel motivated and encouraged to deliver the real results required to execute a business plan

Working with a global workforce solutions provider such as Adecco has its own perks!

Our expert consultants take the time to map out high -potential talent skills and provide market insight regarding the talent pool in market across the existing industry or competitor to save our client’s time and money. And since every candidate we target matches the profile, the chances of making a good hire improves substantially.

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