Moving to the UAE is an exciting opportunity for personal and professional growth, but it also demands careful consideration when negotiating your salary. Our Head of Operations, Sanjeev Giri has put together valuable insights and strategies to help candidates secure a favorable compensation package when moving to the UAE

Localized Insights: Tap into local resources for accurate industry insights, skills in demand, salary benchmarks in your industry.

Housing Emphasis: Highlight housing allowances considering higher cost of living.

Tax Perks: Embrace the tax-free income advantage when discussing compensation.

Education Support: Negotiate education allowances for your children’s future.

Cultural Sensitivity: It is essential to be culturally sensitive, with values of values respect, professionalism and business etiquette.

Benefit from Recruitment Agencies: Leverage local recruitment agencies for tailored advice and guidance.

Cost-of-Living Focus: Align your package taking into account factors like housing, education, healthcare, transportation, and leisure activities when assessing your financial needs.

Multiple Offers: Consider multiple offers for better negotiation leverage.

Growth Potential: Express interest in career growth and performance-based bonus and incentives.

Documentation Support: Understand the company’s onboarding process in facilitating your work permit, visa and various administrative process for smooth transition to the country.

In conclusion, successful salary negotiation in the UAE requires research, cultural awareness, and strategic communication. Balancing monetary and non-monetary benefits will help you secure a rewarding compensation package for your UAE journey.

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