What is payrolling?

Payrolling is a process when a company would like to recruit a candidate but are unable to hire them on their visa and payroll. While majority of those candidates come from Adecco recruiters, at some cases our clients present us with great candidates and request our payroll and visa services.  This helps our clients to save cost and time associated with on-boarding and government administrative process.

How does Adecco support clients in UAE with payroll services?

If you find a great candidate and would like to outsource them to a payrolling agency, let Adecco representative know. Tells us about your candidate, business process, payment cycles, work hours and we will manage the rest:

  1. Client Briefing: Understand the client requirements, Adecco will assign a dedicated account manager to be an advisory and HR consultant throughout the candidate tenure
  2. Candidate On-Boarding: The candidate will now be called as an ‘Adecco associate’ and will be required to complete or application process
  3. Employment Visa : Adecco supports companies in UAE to on-bard their staff on Adecco’s visa for short -term or tenured contracts. In this stage we manage all the administrative tasks related to labour contracts, document approvals, MOHRE approvals, E-Visa, medical insurance, Emirates ID and resident visa, off-boarding and more. With an in-house PRO team, our clients benefit saving time and money through efficient and reliable PRO Services. Know more.
  4. Payrolling: With Adecco you gain a team of HR specialists who manage the entire associate payroll either partially or fully. We manage:
  • Candidate documentation
  • Bridge the contact with government authorities
  • On-board the associate with induction and dedicated associate handbook
  • Calculate payroll and mange monthly timesheets
  • Bank account
  • Issue payslips and manage monthly salary with digitalized CRM software
  • Provide delivery reports
  • Associate benefits management; leave management and more
  • Advise clients on UAE legislation and new government laws/ policies

Off-Boarding and Employee re-deployment: Apart from visa and payroll, Adecco supports clients with smooth off-boarding and exit formalities with liaison with UAE laws. Associate redeployment has been a vital solution to many of the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees and companies have had to adjust quickly to the new reality and lend their skills where they can be most useful. Adecco supports Redeployment of displaced employees either out of the company (through separation, redundancy or retirement) or internally through retraining, internal recruitment and flexible working schemes.

As a Swiss Stock Registered Company, Adecco follows strict compliance not only in business practice but also adhere to Worker Welfare International Standards; starting sourcing and recruiting candidates with compliant exit formalities.

How does payroll save you cost and time?

Using Adecco’s PRO, visa and payroll services, a newly start-up business or a foreign company can outsource their staff on Adecco’s visa and payroll without going through the additional cost of setting up a separate legal identity or branch office. Adecco can take up the legal responsibility of being an employer of record, this helps business to minimize risk of legal formalities, begin business operations immediately, focus on their core operations and let Adecco manage the rest!

Recruitment process could be time-consuming and expensive, by outsourcing your staff on Adecco’s payroll the entire responsibility of managing timely salary payments, timesheet management, associate on-boarding, induction, associate grievance management and all necessary statutory costs are managed by Adecco, thus ensuring compliance, speedy delivery and perfect placements.

Hiring international employees in UAE

Companies seeking to hire immigrant staff need to sponsor the employees as per UAE Labor Law through an employment visa, this visa is eligible for mainland companies in UAE. Mainland companies need to adhere with UAE Labor Law  regulations for business license. For organizations in free zone, employees are not governed by the UAE Labor Law, each free zone authority has its own employment law and employees are subject to the rules and regulations of their respective free zone authority. Considering the above UAE government policies, without a proper visa or business license, company operations can be blacklisted in UAE.

With Adecco’s HR Solutions, companies can on-board best-in-class talent in UAE without administrative hassles and focus on their core business by saving time and money.

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