The Holy Month of Ramadan fasting may result in being fatigued and dehydrated, lack of concentration and exhaustion, especially when combined with the traditional temperature increase as we head into summer.

Here are some tips that we have put together to support you in staying productive during the holy month.

Plan your day

Planning your day will help you stay efficient and organized, it will also avoid last minute hassles or unwanted surprises at work. Schedule the critical tasks in the first half when you are most attentive and routine tasks for later in the day. Plan the workload by having a to-do list and ensure you add breaks and rest times.

Eat healthy and ensure you get enough sleep

Have a well-balanced nutrition by adding proteins, good fats and fibers to help you stay full and active during the day. Avoiding fatty food, carbohydrates that might make you feel lethargic.

Ensure you get 7-8 hours of sleep and avoid caffeine after iftar that will make you stay alert and awake. It is also important to avoid skipping your Suhour; take it as close to dawn as possible. It’s an extremely important meal to ensure you sustain your energy throughout the day. Ensure you monitor your own physical condition and also that of your colleagues.

Have a work-out routine

It is always important to add small work-out routines to your every day schedule that will help you stay fit, focused and active throughout the day. Including mental health workout such as meditation and yoga or physical workouts by talking a walk or jog after iftar. Avoid heavy exercises or strength training that will only drain your energy and make you feel week.

Know when to stop.

Understanding when working overtime or accepting unnecessary tasks that might often leads to burn-out during fasting. Set defined times when you’re going to work, and then when it passes, stop.

Ensure you take enough breaks as a breather during the day.

Speak to your manager and have an open communication

Telling your boss about your work plan during Ramadan and having a clear and transparent communication will help you maintain your work-life balance, build good relation with your boss and keep you productive. Ensure you communicate and take constant feedback about the realities and challenges while managing a project and areas to be addressed this shows that you’re proactive and can be trusted to get on with your work.

Once again wishing you and your family Ramadan Mubarak!

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!

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