A lot has changed since 2020 and technology has played a significant role in this new normal. As the world of work transforms, more and more talent are opting for a digital nomad lifestyle. Several organizations are now increasing their pace of offshoring some of their functions such as IT and back office support in order to boost efficiency and rationalize costs to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on business.

In most cases, offshoring resources is directly proportional with shortage of talent, especially in IT and Software industry. Organizations tend to strategically hire offshore tech staff with high demand skills that are cost-efficient. This helps them minimize overhead spending and labor costs. The key advantage of creating an offshore remote team is to increase of the available talent pool.

IT is a great example of this, considering the tech talent shortage. Outsourcing, in this case, solves many problems including cutting software development costs and utilizing specialists.

There are some big advantages to a fully remote model, where employees can work from location that are cost effective and within a scope of client. It opens up diverse talent pools in locations that might be too far for the company to normally recruit from. In addition, giving current employees more freedom to pick their location could allow them a great degree of personal satisfaction, of course with some limitations. But changing to new remote models requires a great degree of transformation for companies, overcoming new administrative challenges and adapting leadership and performance management styles.

Several countries are now looking at flexible working schemes, freelance and remote work policies, designed to attract top tech talent and lure more tech professionals from across the globe. The way we seek and approach talent is changing at a faster pace than ever before, and countries and companies across the world will need to swiftly adapt to not get left behind. With business going through digital transformation and introducing innovative solutions to address existing market challenges, it is vital that they need to rethink their talent strategies as well as maintain their agility as a strategic advantage.

Remote Team Solutions helps you are hire an offshore staff that are dedicated and highly qualified in one or multiple positions while saving on employee wage and benefit costs, our customers also eliminate the time and resource burden of active employee management, while also reducing the turnover rate.

We offer technology-driven offshore outsourcing solutions to companies in UAE!

Adecco Middle East supports IT and Software companies in UAE with their transformation journey. By partnering with Adecco as your offshore outsourcing partner, you receive the benefits of virtual staffing in UAE. Our specialists work with small, medium and large scale business in UAE to help them identify, recruit and work remotely with IT professionals located in India, EEMENA or any part of the world. We manage your business with substantial savings on payroll, reduction of employee turnover rate, less time and cost on transactional HR functions with increased productivity and profitability helping you deal with the intricacies of core business delivery to create real value.

Being a world leader in HR Solutions, Adecco offices are located in over 60 countries with +600M associates working with us globally. We support companies to channelize their budgets in controlling the cost and hiring remote IT resources. Thus, with the ongoing digitalization, virtual work, and increased access to outsourcing, we now have access to business tools and resources that can maximize value creation.

If you are looking for solutions in the offshore model bringing down the fixed cost and add variety to the skills. Get in touch with us!

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