Temp work myths of 2022 debunked 

What’s keeping you from finding the right job?

Tempted by temping but consider it only as a last resort? Think again. Temporary workers enjoy the same benefits, salary levels, and job prospects as their counterparts. And companies are increasingly seeing contract workers as an asset to their organization: More than half (58%) of American businesses expect to increase their number of temporary workers over the next five years.  

Yet many falsehoods about temporary positions still exist and could be keeping you from finding the right job. Here are the most common myths in temp work debunked: 

Myth #1: Staffing agencies take a cut of your pay 

Have you ever been told that temporary work is low-paying because staffing agencies need to make a profit? The good news is that this myth is false: Your paycheck is untouched by staffing service costs. You will always make the rate you agree to with your temporary employer (meanwhile your employer is charged a markup to cover agency fees). 

Myth #2: Temp work is only entry-level jobs 

Gone are the days when temp work was restricted to manufacturing and seasonal jobs in retail. Thanks to advances in technology and disruptions in traditional workforce structures, more and more companies are looking to fill specialized roles with contract employees. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that temporary jobs for software developers have grown 483% since 2010 while manual jobs like construction work have decreased by almost one-third. 

Myth #3: You don’t get any employee benefits 

These days employee and healthcare benefits are just as important as salary. Luckily, staffing agencies are taking note and offering more. In compliance with the Affordable Care Act, full-time temporary employees are eligible for healthcare benefits while established agencies are offering paid holidays, retirement funds, and disability insurance. (příplatky, stravenky, bonusy, ) 

Adecco is one such agency, providing all the above benefits as well as free career counseling, free skills training, and referral bonuses. Check out our full list of employee benefits and flexible payment options to see why temporary work has its perks. 

Myth #4: Temp jobs are bad for your resume/CV 

If resume building is on your list of career goals, don’t count out temp work. Taking a temporary job can provide you with skills training to strengthen your resume and help with career transitions. Not to mention, you’ll build connections with people who can help you land a job in the future. 

With over 13.6 million temp workers in the US, hiring managers have become accustomed to seeing resumes with temporary positions. Make a note on your resume/CV that the job was for a fixed term and you’ll have no problems landing an interview for your next position. 

 Myth #5: They won’t lead to long-term careers 

Many workers believe that taking a temporary position will keep them from being able to find more permanent work. The good news is that this isn’t the case. More than 1 in 4 temporary assignments lead to a full-time position in the organization. 

Temporary work is also a great way to expand your professional network. Take the opportunity to make connections with new managers and coworkers and invite them to join your LinkedIn network. These connections can help you land a future job and provide references. 

 Myth #6: Quitting a temp job is harder 

With many temporary job contracts having a specific start and end, a common misconception is that you’ll be unable to leave the position before the end date. Luckily you still have the same rights when it comes to resigning. 

When planning your exit strategy, give your boss and staffing agency as much notice as possible. Many managers take on temporary workers knowing they’ll still be looking for more permanent work, but they’ll still expect professional courtesy. Look over your contract to see if there’s mention of a notice period and send in a resignation letter on time. 

 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­With these myths in temp work dispelled, now it’s time to find the position that works best for you.


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