The Emiratisation drive in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been a key priority for the government, aiming to increase the participation of Emirati nationals in the workforce. There has been significant progress in the region which encourages businesses to hire Emiratis through incentives and support.

Last week, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (the “MOHRE”) has announced an extension of the scope of Emiratisation targets for private sector companies and individual establishments with a workforce ranging from 20 to 49 employees to maintain the proportion of Emirati employees employed in the workforce in skilled roles.

It is important that private sector firms plan their workforce in 2023 and create a comprehensive recruitment strategy with the support of a trusted Emirati recruitment agencies in the region to address any skills gap in the firm that could be filled by talented Emirati professionals.

The recruitment strategy could focus on below factors to facilitate the achievement of Emiratisation quotas and targets:

Identify the organization needs and skills gaps: Analyze the organization’s current and future workforce needs. Identify areas where Emirati talent can be integrated effectively and assess any skill gaps that need to be addressed through recruitment or training.

Understand Emiratisation Goals and Regulations: Organizations need to familiarize themselves with the Emiratisation goals and regulations set by the UAE government. This will provide a clear understanding of the targets and compliance requirements specific to their industry.

Develop a Diverse Recruitment Plan: Create a recruitment plan that focuses on attracting and hiring Emirati talent. This plan should include a variety of sourcing channels such as job fairs, university partnerships, recruitment agencies specializing in Emiratisation, and online job portals.

Customize the job role and responsibilities: Create a comprehensive job description with clarity on the responsibilities and requirements to ensure they are attractive to Emirati candidates. Emphasize the organisation’s values, vision value of cultural knowledge, and local market understanding in your job postings.

Empowering Emirati youth to be work ready: Like our youth empowerment program CEO for One Month, organisations need to invest in young and aspiring Emirati talent to enhance their skills and capabilities. This can include mentoring, coaching, on-the-job training, and leadership development initiatives tailored to the specific needs of Emirati talent.

Extending Emiratisation Services to Empower Smaller Businesses in the UAE

We support private sectors to recruit high skilled Emirati talent to meet their Emiratisation targets in the UAE. Our specialized team of professionals dedicated to Emiratisation program are industry experts on all matters of local hiring.

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