The UAE’s job market grew exponentially in the post-pandemic period after companies began to expand to meet the growth in demand for their products and services. This growth was seen in a majority of the sectors including aviation, real estate, travel and tourism and many others.

In the UAE, there are both large and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as local and international companies that offer part-time job opportunities. Larger companies, especially multinational corporations, might have more resources to offer attractive part-time packages, while SMEs may offer more flexibility but potentially with slightly lower remuneration. The benefits of working in an SME will be more hands-on experience, working on larger projects, increased engagement with leaders.

In this article with Khaleej Times, Mayank Patel, VP Sales EEMENA and Country Head Adecco Middle East speaks about part-time career opportunities, income from a part-time role and skills that employers are looking from candidates for these jobs.

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Part-time Career Opportunities

The income from a part-time job can vary depending on the candidate qualifications, skills, industry or the urgency of an employer to complete a project or hire talent to cater seasonal customer demands. Some of the part-time career opportunities based on candidate’s interests, skills, and experience include Retail Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative, Content Creator, Food Delivery Driver, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Event Coordinator, Brand Ambassador or Promoter, Administrative Assistant, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, IT Consultant, Network Administrator, Sales Associate and more.

Earning from a part-time role

The salary for part-time employees in small organizations in the UAE can vary widely depending on various factors such as the industry, job role, employee experience, and the company’s financial stability. Ideally the income from a part-time job could begin from AED 4,000 depending on the role and complexity of the job.

We recommend to be updated with latest information on salary benchmarks by checking local job boards, salary surveys, or consulting with recruitment agencies that have knowledge of the current job market trends.

Skills needed for a part-time role:

Firms these days are looking for flexible and agile talent that have technically sound skills including soft skills such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking, problem solving, customer centricity and effective communication that are core to the business.

Tips to earn a better/higher second income

We cannot focus completely on high income ignoring the important of learning curve which is essential for early career aspiring individual. It is important to pick the right opportunity that will help the candidate not only financially but also will lead to on-the-job training, upskilling and strategic thinking. Some of the most important criteria for any candidate will be to Leverage Your Skills and Experience, providing examples of past achievements in academics or career will be super handy to present to the hiring manager. To upskill yourself with latest market trends aligned to your function example technology trends, skills in demand etc..

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