Hiring temporary workers or permanent candidates should involve more than just calling a manpower agency and asking the consultant to send someone over. Staffing and recruitment business in the Middle East is expanding to new horizons with manpower agency’s sourcing workforce across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh and more.

In evaluating manpower consultancies here are some tips we have for employers who are thinking to work with an agency recruiter.

  1. Know your agency specialization
  2. Recruitment strategy and process
  3. Experience and professionalism of recruitment consultant
  4. Evaluate their terms
  5. Consider Firm’s Expertise and Track Record

Analyze your agency specialization

Whilst deciding on a recruitment agency, first, you must know who’s who and who does what in the employment agencies in UAE. There are various staffing agencies in the Middle East that provide temporary staffing, retained search firm/executive search, contingency and headhunting. It is highly recommended that you partner with agencies that are specialized in the industry and job function that you are looking for. A specialized firm tends to attract more qualified candidates than general firms, giving you better access to top talent. The agency competitiveness also relies on the jobs posted on their website, how actively they are hiring in various industry segments.

Recruitment strategy and process

 The most important factor in selecting a recruitment agency is to find out on their recruitment process. You must also evaluate if the job consultancy has a larger pool of candidates and a reputable client base of the manpower agency. This will help you to make the right decision. In the case of temporary hiring’s ensure you evaluate the payroll and visa process and agency’s efficiency in onboarding the candidate.

Experience and professionalism of consultants

Due to the highly competitive market, it is very important to tie up with an agency that has highly skilled professional recruiters that deliver candidates on time. This will help you to save your time and energy during the entire recruitment and onboarding process. The wrong or low skilled candidate will cause a considerable cost and led the organisation to high risk.

An experienced recruiter will not only help you to hire the right candidate but also advise you on the market requirements, salary guides, alternative solutions etc.

Terms of agreement

Some of the best recruitment and staffing agencies have their terms customised as per employer’s requirements. Agency Terms & Conditions include specific role/s, work or position that client requests Manpower Agency in Saudi Arabia to submit a person for consideration for such role/s work or position.

Terms define norms that the Company uses to ensure the aptitude of the Candidates introduced to the Client and to maintain a high quality of service and integrity. Before finalising an agreement ensure you read the terms carefully and also conduct an audit at the vendor’s office so as to be hundred per cent assured that the agency is compliant and follows best practices.

Agency’s Expertise and Track Record 

There is no harm in conducting a background check of the consultancy you would like to sign your terms. A piece of good information on consultancy’s turnover, global presence, a pool of candidates, awards and recognitions etc will be a good base whilst deciding your vendor.

For executive hiring’s employers should consider the firm’s expertise and track record in that industry vertical. You may also feel free to ask questions such as:

Does the agency have metrics to show client and employee satisfaction? What is the internal staff’s turnover rate? Does the vendor offer training for internal employees? Is the staff professionally certified? Does the agency conduct appropriate screening and background checks? What strategies does the agency use to recruit talent and attract niche profiles?

As an employer, you’ve probably already considered the benefits of using recruitment agencies in Dubai to handle your staffing needs.

About Adecco

Being in the staffing and recruitment business for more than 50 years, Adecco is an industry leader worldwide. In the Middle East, Adecco is a leading manpower consultancy recruiting temporary and permanent employment across various industry verticals in the MENA region.  Our dedicated team of professional consultants focus solely on the recruitment of permanent and temporary qualified, professional and skilled manpower for organisations operating in GCC region such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Qatar and more.

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