Are you ready to make the next move in your career? Here are some tips that will help you land your dream job.

Design a resume that keep your candidature at the top!

Consider a resume as an elevator pitch. A short, crisp resume that showcases your skills, abilities and experience in a glance will ease employers in hiring decisions and land you with an interview. Here are some of our tips to help you build a perfect resume and find the right job in UAE. Also try using resume design software’s that do not cost you a penny but have some amazing templates that will give your resume a fresh look instead of the traditional word document.

Job Portals

With so many options to apply from, we highly advise selecting reliable job portals that are registered and licensed in the region. Beware of fake online jobs and scams (more details below).

There are companies that seek temporary candidates or permanent hires, even freelancers and apprenticeships, pick that is best for you and apply with your updated resume. Also consider reaching out to the talent acquisition or hiring manager on LinkedIn to showcase your candidature.

Recruitment Agencies

There are many recruitment agencies in the market to choose from. However it is important to gain information on the agency credibility by checking if they have a valid trade license approved by the government, a strong financial stability and follow 100% compliant and ethical in business practice.

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Job hunt during peak season

Ideal time to consider a job change and explore career options in UAE would be from September to June (except December). The reason being these months are peak seasons of recruitment while months from June to August and December are considered quiet time due to festive holidays, Ramadan and many immigrants plan these months in vacations.

Virtual Job Fairs and Career Networking events

Considering pandemic situation, many career fairs have been moved to interactive virtual platforms this makes it easier to connect with the companies and learn more about the roles they are hiring. You can opt to be a part of as many virtual fairs in a day saving time to travel and connecting to many recruiters and talent acquisition managers.

Market Research

A good market research on companies hiring talent or particular skills on their careers site, job portals or social media always helps to gauge the market and create the right approach.

Always select a reliable career site and job portal to avoid candidate phishing.

Connect yourself with the company culture

While preparing for a job interview, make sure you research on the company culture, people, best practises, mission and vision, community engagement, core values etc..  In today’s workplace, company culture is a major factor in attracting and retaining employees.

Ask yourself, if you are a good cultural fit for my company? Do a research and build up your soft skills. Most importantly ‘be yourself’

Referrals and Networking

There are so many ways to connect with HR consultants, hiring managers and recruiters. We would advise you to build your network and make a contact list, this can be done by connecting with decision makers on LinkedIn, sending them a brief InMail showcasing your candidature, do not try to push or be too desperate in pushing your candidature as your messages will only be ignored or be deleted. In order to land in a conversion with decision makers, we need to be different in our approach while connecting to decision makers. For Example:


Your profile came up as I was searching for inspiring leaders to follow in the accounting field. As a fellow accountant, I’ve been following the news about XYZ Inc., and was really impressed with the recent deal announced with xyz Bank. If you ever have a free moment, I’d love to get your thoughts on the best skills to cultivate to advance in the field. Can we connect?

Thank you so much,

Jane Superstar

This is just an example and you can explore many such ways to connect on LinkedIn to start a conversation.

Apart from connecting on LinkedIn, we also suggest joining professional forums, webinars, start calling companies to know their hiring patterns, develop your brand on LinkedIn. create or edit the other elements of your LinkedIn profile to reflect your personal brand. You can find some great LinkedIn personal branding examples from LinkedIn themselves.

Seek out people in your target audience: big players in your field or industry, people who hold positions you might aspire to, people who belong to groups aligned with your brand, and so on.

Watch out for Fake/ Scam agencies

Recently we have observed major phishing activities on digital platforms, online job portals and in the city. We highly advise you to watch out from agencies that charge candidates a fee in cash or bank transfer for fake employment or ask for any sensitive personal information. In such instances, ensure the situation and fraudulent companies are reported to the government authorities immediately.

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