5 tips to land in an IT entry level job in UAE

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If you’re trying to crack into an IT role, as your first entry level job can feel frustrating—especially if you have little or no experience. Considering the current Covid19 situation, there are plenty of great entry level jobs in tech that will put you on the right path to a strong future.

Here are some of our tips and suggestions to land into an IT role after your university degree.

Personal Networking

Go to at least 1 meetup/conference/training/events each month and add at least 2 new people on Linked In who can help you find a job. Not to mention message/email them after the meeting to build a relationship.

Recruiter Consultation

Emailing and potentially calling tech recruiters. Be open tell them you are looking for junior or starting jobs and try to find a match. Also consider reaching out to the talent acquisition or hiring manager on LinkedIn to showcase your candidature.

Re-Skill and Up-Skill

Learn a new tech thing each month. Know what the market is looking for and start dedicating few hours a week and learn it.

Job Portals

With so many options to apply from, we highly advise selecting reliable job portals that are registered and licensed in the region. There are companies that seek temporary candidates or permanent hires, even freelancers and apprenticeships, pick that is best for you and apply with your updated resume.

  • Job boards used in UAE -Middle East\ Gulf ( Bayt, Naukri Gulf , Monster Gulf)
  • Direct connect : Companies / Agency hiring /social gatherings /seminars / LinkedIn connections
  • Leading Newspapers (Khaleej Times, Gulf news jobs, Nadia )
  • Networking and Career fairs
  • Referrals

Market Research

A good market research on companies hiring talent or particular skills on their careers site, job portals or social media always helps to gauge the market and create the right approach. Always select a reliable career site and job portal to avoid candidate phishing.

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